Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo


The Denver Zoo is an impressive place to spend a day in the Mile High City. It’s an enjoyable tourist attraction for kids and everyone in your entire family.

Emphasizes of this attraction consist of the Primate View, Exotic Exploration, and the tiger exhibition called The Edge. See to it to likewise spend some time in Bear Hill, Toyota Elephant Passage, and the Benson Predator Ridge.

The Zoo opened in 1896 and also is currently home to greater than 4,000 pets.

Keep reading for suggestions for going to, details on their cost-free days, and other information on what to expect during your browse through.

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Denver Zoo Attractions & & Displays Below are simply some of the top Denver Zoo attractions, exhibits, and also activities you can enjoy with your admission ticket. You will likewise locate some terrific pictures from my newest see.

Primate Panorama

The Primate Scenic view is home to dozens of primates including a range of monkeys, apes, gorillas as well as orangutans. You will certainly get the chance to see them play as they run around as well as also swing from tree to tree.

These fantastic animals are from all over the globe including Central America, Africa as well as Asia.

After you experience the front entry, simply take an appropriate rely on head towards this playful primate display.

Tropical Exploration

Tropical Discover is a big interior area where you will certainly see every little thing from snakes to fish. It covers a number of tropical areas. Among my favorite pets here is the huge Komodo Dragon.

You will certainly additionally see a range of colorful frogs, an alligator, sea equines, turtles, celebrity fish, and hundreds of other remarkable animals from South America, Africa, Asia, and also other exotic places from around the world.

You will certainly discover this structure on the eastern end of the park. Take a left at the entryway to find it.

The Side

The Side is the brand-new tiger location. Here you will obtain the chance to see both Amur Tigers, who are additionally called by their even more well well-known name, Siberian Tigers. This species stems from the much eastern side of Russia.

They are exceptionally excellent as this varieties of tigers are a few of the greatest living cats in the world.

Bear Mountain

Bear Hill is house to several grizzly and also Asiatic black bears. This exhibit is one of a kind as it was the initial naturalistic habitat of its kind in the USA. Integrated in 1918, this exhibit changed the means zoos developed exhibitions which permitted site visitors to see the pets at eye level in an extra natural setup.

Denver Zoo image 1

Toyota Elephant Passage

The Toyota Elephant Passage is house to the Eastern Elephants. You will see them stroll about their setting and get a great check out these incredible pets.

This area of the Denver Zoo also consists of a variety of other pets such as one horned rhinos, Malayan tapirs, shadowed leopards, angling pet cats, as well as white-cheeked gibbons. It covers more than 2 miles as well as 10 acres of trails.

This area gets on the southerly side of the park.

Benson Killer Ridge

One more one of my favorite areas is Benson Predator Ridge. This is where you will certainly locate pets such as lions, zebras, and hyenas. Many of them remain in natural surroundings which will certainly give you a great view right into their areas to see them.

Giraffe Experience

The Giraffe Encounter is to the eastern of Killer Ridge as well as it’s residence to a number of giraffe. The species right here are called Reticulated giraffes, also called Somali giraffes.

This species is belonging to Africa in the countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, as well as Kenya.

Lorikeet Journey

The Lorikeet Journey is a fun, interactive location on the southwestern edge of the Denver Zoo. You will certainly step inside this location where the lorikeet live and also play.

In addition to watching these vivid birds, you can also communicate with them by purchasing some food to feed to them. It’s just a number of bucks per container as well as you can purchase them as soon as you go into the lorikeet area.

The picture listed below programs us feeding one of these gorgeous birds throughout our last go to.

Area, Tickets & & Hours


The Denver Zoo is located simply a few mins from midtown in City Park. It’s address is 2300 Steele Road as well as there is a lot of auto parking on-site.


There are three means to get tickets to the Denver Zoo. You can either get them on their internet site ahead of time or acquire them at the door. I suggest acquiring them beforehand throughout the more busy summer season or holiday weekends.

The 3rd option is to check out as part of the Mile High Society Pass. The Mile High Society Pass is a price cut card that includes admission to the Denver Zoo. It also consists of admission to some of Denver’s leading galleries consisting of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (next door to the zoo, likewise in City Park), the Denver Art Gallery, the Botanic Gardens as well as a few others.


The Denver Zoo is open everyday of the year. It opens up at 9am daily. From March to October, the last admissions are at 5pm. From November to February, last admissions are at 4pm.

Free Days

The Denver Zoo also supplies a number of cost-free days annually. Find a complete timetable of upcoming free days for the zoo and other galleries around Denver.

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Extra Checking Out Tips

The Denver Zoo is a remarkable experience, but it is very important to bear in mind that these are wild animals and also could create injury if they are not dealt with correctly. Below are a few things to keep in mind as well as to describe to your whole team prior to getting in.

  • Do not feed, chase after or taunt the animals.
  • Don’t tap on the glass or shout at the pets.
  • Do not throw coins or anything else into the pools. When consumed, they will poisonous substance the fish or pets that use these swimming pools as their water system.

Additionally, you will see numerous roaming animals around the zoo. The most significant are the peacocks. Please do not strategy, chase, or feed these animals. It’s best to admire them from a distance as they can get aggressive if they feel threatened or someone obtains also close for their convenience.

Throughout our visit, we observed lots of youngsters getting close and attempting to touch these beautiful pets. Please see to it to maintain your youngsters at a secure range from them and also offer the peacocks plenty of space to stroll about. They are really pretty however they are still wild animals.

Food & & Drink Among the terrific aspects of the Denver Zoo is that you are permitted to bring along your very own food and also beverage. The only constraints they have are glass bottles or containers, which you are not permitted to bring inside. You will certainly love that there are several places to stop as well as consume during your go to.

You will certainly also find some excellent food readily available for acquisition at a decent rate. We enjoyed some healthy and balanced Oriental noodles and veggies throughout our go to. We additionally saw a wonderful food truck with tasty burgers, Dippin Dots Gelato, and also a complete bbq & & steakhouse. A lot of these areas offer site visitors starting around an hour or more after opening.

Regarding the Denver Zoo

Where does the Denver Zoo get their animals? As component of the Organization of Zoos and also Aquariums (AZA), they adhere to strict standards on caring for as well as getting new animals right into their care.

Their new animals are brought in from rehabilitation centers where the animals remained after being sick or harmed. They will certainly also bring in off spring from various other recognized AZA centers.

The AZA does an impressive work of matching the demands of each facility with others that are recognized. These facilities likewise use the best experience and also a wide range of pets from all over the world to please their visitors.

History of the Zoo

The Denver Zoo opened up over a century back in 1896. The initial center was a small part of City Park. At the time, there was a black bear, bison, apes, and a few other neighborhood animals.

In 1918, this facility opened the first all-natural habitat in the US. Before this, all pets were kept in little cages and also visitors could just see them via fencings or bars.

The all-natural environment they developed offer their visitors a chance to see the pets in a much more open setting. Not only could the site visitors see the pets much better, but the animals themselves had a lot more room and a more acquainted surrounding in which to live.

The zoo had a great deal of area support as well as remained to expand throughout the 1920s to the 1950s. In the late 1950s, the city of Denver took over possession of the zoo as well as established a full master plan for the facility.

Since that time, they have actually included a terrific range of animals. They likewise opened Bird Globe, Northern Shore, and also Exotic Discovery. Today, the Denver Zoo is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Mile High City.

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